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The Treasury Direct is a good option for those looking for safe investment, but with better profitability than savings. Another difference of the modality is that it is not necessary to have a large amount available for investment. Depending on the chosen title and the period in which you will invest, you only need to have $ 30 to start. Understand how to invest using Treasury Direct Simulator:

Why invest in the Treasury Direct?

Why invest in the Treasury Direct?

Investing in Treasury Direct is a tailor-made option for those seeking safety and low risk, but at the same time, it wants to have a better return than the savings account. Because it is a fixed income application, you will know how much you will receive when you redeem your money.

How much is the investment in the Treasury Direct?

How much is the investment in the Treasury Direct?

The profitability varies according to the type of title chosen. The Treasury Financial Bills (LFT), for example, is a post-fixed title model. The amount invested is adjusted by the variation of the basic interest rate (Selic). National Treasury Bills (LTNs) have fixed rates. Your profitability is defined at the time the purchase is made. You are remunerated on the due date or redemption of the amount.

What are the best Direct Treasure Simulator options?

What are the best Direct Treasure Simulator options?

Using a simulator for the Treasury Direct is the best way to know the investments before applying the money. The first step is to define the securities that are best suited to your needs, how much you want to invest in each one of them, what is the fee charged for the security at the purchase and what is the brokerage fee you have chosen to broker the deal See simulator options:

Direct Treasury Calculator

The Treasury Direct calculator is the most practical and reliable option, since it is made available by the government itself. In the page itself it is possible to check the prices and rates of public bonds available for purchase at their updated values. It is also possible to make an advanced simulation / advance sale, which is optional.

National Treasury Simulator

Similar to the Treasury Direct calculator, this option , however, does not provide the table with the prices and rates of the public securities updated. It is useful for those who already have this information and want to go straight to the simulation.

Easynvest Calculator

Offered by Easynvest brokerage, the calculator is intuitive and offers a comparison between Treasury Direct and New Savings.

What is the minimum amount and time to invest?

The minimum amount to invest is $ 30, but this amount may vary depending on the chosen title. The minimum time to invest also varies. It is possible to redeem the money in six months or in 20 years. It depends on the title option you chose. Therefore, it is important to define the objectives that you have with the investment in the Treasury Direct (make a trip, have financial security in the future, retirement, etc.) to define the best option of public title.

The Treasury Direct presents itself, in the current scenario, as one of the best options for those who seek a safe option, but with an interesting income. Still have questions about Treasury Direct? Leave it in the comments.


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